•   Phone: 998-615-4503   Email: ravisimhabn@ssit.edu.in
    Designation : Assistant Professor
    Qualification : M.Tech
    Experience: 6 Years
    Birthdate: 27/02/1988
    Interests: Digital communication, signal processing
    Address: Asst. Professor, Dept. of ECE
      SSIT, Tumkur
  • Qualifications

     Course  Specialization  Board / University  Year
     M.Tech  Digital Electronics  SSAHE  2011
     B.E.  Electronics and Communication  VTU  2009

    A Survey on different Filter Bank Multicarrier Communication Schemes
    Published on 27/04/2017
    at National Conference on Innovations in Computing and Communications, NCICC-2017, SIET, Tumakuru

    A Survey on Error Control Coding Techniques
    Published on 09/05/2015
    at National conference[NCRTEC]

    A Survey on Orthogonal Frequency Divsion multiplexing
    Published on 20/02/2015
    at National conference , JIT,Bangalore

    A Survey on PAPR Reduction using Signal Scrambling Techniques
    Published on 25/02/2017
    at International Conference on Recent Research in Biomedical Engineering, Cancer Biology, Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology, BECBAB-2017, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

    Design and Matlab Simulation of OFDM System
    Published on 28/05/2017
    at 3rd International Conference on Research Trends in Engineering, Applied Science and Management, ICRTESM-2017, IETE, Pune

    Design of Dual cryptographic encoder
    Published on 21/07/2013
    at IJETT-2013

    Design of Filter Bank Multicarrier[FBMC] Transmitter system using convolution encoding
    Published on 21/06/2015
    at International confernce[ICEECS-15,IFERP]

    Design of QAM Modulator and Generation of QAM sequence for ISI free communication
    Published on 25/05/2014
    at IJCEA

    Different Multicarrier Communication schemes for cognitive radio: A Survey
    Published on 21/05/2014
    at IJARECE

    Digital Communication and the Effects of Noises and Nonlinearities: A Survey
    Published on 04/04/2015
    at National conference,BGSIT,Mandya

    Dual Cryptographic Processor Engine for Communication System
    Published on 23/03/2015
    at National conference,SIET,TUMAKURU

    Filter Bank MultiCarrier based Transceiver for cognitive radio Applications: A Survey
    Published on 22/04/2014
    at National Conference,RLJIT

    FPGA implementation of hybrid cryptography engine for communication systems
    Published on 20/07/2014
    at International Journal,ISSN-2278-8875

    Implementation of Distributed Arithmetic algorithm in the design of FIR Raised Cosine pulse shaping filters
    Published on 29/06/2014

    Model FPGA High Data Rate Image Data Simulators using Data Acquisition Card
    Published on 11/05/2012
    at National conference,SS IT,TUMAKURU